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I am so happy having many blogging friends since I started writing this blog in February, 2011.  It has been a real pleasure and learning from oversea friends since then. Thank you very much for your friendship and you all are really dear to me.

I am a Japanese woman who were born between loving parents in 1955. Both of them were so deft at doing everything and I really feel thankful for the love I had from them and the things they taught me. I live in Yamaguchi-pref. where is the southernmost prefecture of Honshu (main-land) in Japan. I was married to my husband in 1977 when I was 22 years old.  Our mutual acquaintance introduced us, so ours was an old-style arranged marriage. Although we haven't been able to blessed with a child, I feel so lucky having really happy marriage life with warmhearted husband. 
I've been teaching English at home since I was 30 years old.  I was so blessed with many wonderful students up until today. If it weren't for them, my life wouldn't have been so rewarding. They are the ones taught me how important to love others, not only being loved. The other blessing I had was the experiences of trip to foreign countries.  I've been to nearly 7~8 countries.  I think I will have to write about these marvelous trips and memories in my blog.
My husband retired from his 41 years bank clerk job in 2010.  He has two hobbies now which makes me happy that he can enjoy his retired life. One is playing saxophone; he now joined the band group made up with senior people. The other is making soba noodle which he started right after he retired.
(Here are pictures before and after p;)

(from post of October 14, 2012)
October 31st is our 35th Wedding Anniversary;
I cannot believe this great deal of time has passed!!!  I always felt funny to hear the elder people keep saying "Time Flies" when young.  It sure is ironic that it's my turn to feel it first hand, p;)  Well, hubby doesn't seem to be very happy my posting our picture (you know how Japanese men are, not only? haha,)
Coming anniversary really makes me recall the days we had.
From this page, I learned that what is the anniversary gift for the set year. And we call the anniversary with special way from these gifts in Japan, ours called for example, "coral wedding (anniversary) 珊瑚婚式, sangokonshiki"  
As some of you might remember, we were introduced by mutual acquaintance who happened to live next door with my husband in 1977. Old fashioned arranged marriage and we married only four months later.  He was single living alone at that time. After we met, he called me almost every day p;) 
As I knew my hormone disorder due to little malfunction of pituitary gland, I started infertility treatment right after we married (he knew about it in advance). Well, it has been a bit tough several years both mentally and financially. As for mentally, I have to add the busybodies' gossip; whew, it sure last long and I thought later that only if the air-conditioning had been more common at that time, I wouldn't have to hear that much. Mothers group (about 10 years older than me) were joyfully chatting and laughing, which were clearly heard from outside, even from inside of their house while I was walking pass. Haha, young newlyweds suddenly became neighbor must have been an easy target. I was reminded how the woman without children can be seen or treated in society. 
I am so grateful for my husband for his understanding; if it were not his support, I wouldn't have been able to get through these period. 
Right after I gave up the treatment, I needed something to spend my affluent time and boost my spirit up for both of us. Since I started learning English by enjoying bi-lingual system, I didn't have to spend time with these trivial matter, haha. After I passed the certain level of the government supported proficiency test, I was lucky to be able to teach English at home and have had many students who are all so dear to me. I must admit that time has gone really quickly since I started to engage in teaching when I was 30 years old. 
Thank God with hubby's patience and his bank clerk job which required long working hours, I could continue the work of till late at night (around 21:30).  
Through good times and bad times, you have been always on my side, especially when I my family were sick and lost them.  Love you always my sweetheart♡♡♡ 
I know you don't read this blog, p;)

(from post of October 30th, 2012)
*Went to see fire work*
Yesterday night (29th), we went to see the fire works. Yes, around this of the season p;) For the Eve of the Civic Festival, next city has the "Congratulatory Dream Fire Works" and not only business enterprise but also citizens can be involved by paying some amount of money. (for many categories like birthdays, many kinds of anniversaries and so on)  The citizens paid money have seats with tables (there were 5,000~6,000 seats) and have a really good view(^_^)彡☆
As you can see from the date, it was put off from Saturday to Monday due to the long waited a bit of rain.  My husband was given tickets from who had to cancel to go. I thought how lucky and meant a lot for us especially for our anniversary. I had never seen them at such close place and really enjoyed them. Haha, some of my bad pictures down there. I have noticed that how difficult to take shots of them.

*Anniversary Lunch*
Today (30th), we went to have anniversary lunch. As I wished to have a Western Meal for a change, we had steak course. So sorry for the bad picture, I think the light disturbed the color. Chestnuts potage soup was first experience and steak was really nice as well. For me, these type of meals are a big treat and fancy (dainty?) ♡♡♡ 

Having lunch, I thought about the day we got married. It was a fine day and I will never forget the eyes of my parents who must have the mixed feeling. And my aunt's (mother's youngest sister) 2 daughters were just toddlers and running around me. One is a wife of the owner of the Japanese restaurant and both of them a mother of 3 children. The other day I ran into my old student and she has a 2 year boy and expecting other baby this winter. This was a delightful encounter as well as making me feel how the time has passed. 

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